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Music has a high profile at Elmgrove Primary and Nursery School. We aim for all of our children to have access to and enjoy the curriculum as well as the wide range of extra-curricular activities. They should all be given the opportunity to express themselves through music and be uplifted by music and song.

We have a specialist music teacher who provides the children with quality music lessons as part of the curriculum along with the opportunity to develop and hone their singing voices each week as we sing together as a community during assemblies.





Peripatetic Music lessons

Children in Years 3 – 6 are offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Our pupils learn a wide range of brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments: guitar, keyboard, violin, viola,  harmonium, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet.

The children are taught by specialist instrumental teachers from the Harrow Music Service. Pupils who meet the required standards are also invited to take part in the Music Service festivals held at Harrow Arts Centre over the year.  Along side the Harrow Music Service we also offer ukulele lessons for Year 2 upwards and guitar lessons Year 3 upwards through the Rock and Pop Foundation. Please contact the Rock and Pop Foundation direct on 01252368330 or email remember to state Elmgrove Primary School and Nursery.

If you would like your child to have music lessons please speak to Mrs Norris or ask for a form at the office.





Class Music Lessons

As part of the curriculum children are introduced to and taught how to play and sing, age appropriate instruments and music. Children are encouraged to develop their skills and confidence and express themselves through performance and composition.

In the summer term, Year 3 learn the African Drums, studying the music and culture as well as playing them. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn instruments which requires skill, teamwork and are culturally enriching.


Extra Curricular Activities

As part of our extra-curricular activities, pupils in Years 3 – 6 have the opportunity to join the school choir which is usually on Thursday lunchtime. All children are welcome, all they need is a commitment and enthusiasm for singing. As members of the choir children learn basic note reading, performing skills and are given the opportunity to extend their vocal training, as well as experiencing more demanding music. The choir performs every term and the children are able to take part in a wide range of opportunities including community events in the autumn term, Choir Showcase in the spring term and the Song Festival in the summer term.


Choir Showcase

A huge well done to all the children who represented Elmgrove School at the Schools’ Choir Showcase. They performed with such enthusiasm and were a credit to the school.

We were first on to perform, which was quite nerve racking, however the children were amazing.





Rock band

We are very proud of our school rock band which is primarily for children in year 5 and 6 who show great aptitude for singing, keyboard, guitars and drums. Children who show talent in these areas of music are invited to audition and then join the group, where they learn to play as a band and have even started writing their own songs. Previously they have performed at the school’s 50th Birthday celebrations and at the PSA ‘Party in the Playground’.





Yr 5 Music Compositions

Year 5 have been studying sound sources and experimenting with synthesis, sampling, cluster chords as well as analysing sound waves. They then had to compose some music based on ideas of space:

Listen to some of their work, can you work out which title is suitable for each piece?