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At Elmgrove Primary and Nursery School, we ensure that every child engages in quality music education from their entry into Nursery until the end of KS2 in Year 6.  All the children here have an opportunity to get involved in music that goes far beyond the National Curriculum. Our specialist Music Teacher has a passion for Music Performance, and so, all of our children are given the opportunity to express themselves through making and performing music.





Class Music lessons

From Reception to Year 6, instruments are incorporated consistently into our Music Lessons, and are used to enhance teaching of the core curriculum.  Between untuned percussion, xylophones and keyboards, children have a chance to explore the different dimensions of music, and develop their own passion for it. Every lesson is carefully planned out to be engaging and to allow children to learn with a hands-on approach.
We also work very closely with Harrow Music Service (HMS), who will often deliver specialist Music Programmes, such as Eastern European Music programme, and African Drums programme. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to understand about music from different cultures and learn about other instruments, which require skill, teamwork and in turn, lead to culturally enriching lessons.
In KS1 and KS2, pupils also have the opportunity to develop and hone in their singing voices, as they take part in weekly music assemblies, where corporate singing and other musical activities takes place.


Peripatetic Music lessons

Children in Years 3 – 6 are offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Our pupils learn a wide range of brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments: guitar, keyboard, violin, viola, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet. The children are taught by specialist instrumental teachers from the Harrow Music Service. Pupils who meet the required standards are also invited to take part in the Music Service festivals held at Harrow Arts Centre over the year.

All the children who have signed up for lessons, have shown a massive increase in confidence in lesson and greater knowledge of their chosen instrument, and are learning more about the art of performance. If you would like your child to have instrumental lessons please speak to Mr De Souza, or ask for a form at the school office.





Extra Curricular Activities

As part of our extra-curricular activities, pupils in Years 3 – 6 have had the opportunity to join the school choir which is usually on Thursday lunchtime. Although normally all have been welcome, and the only requirement was commitment and enthusiasm for singing, due to COVID-19, we have limited numbers and have two different choir groups, in order to keep in line with recent Government guidelines; therefore, auditions for this have started taking place.  Members of the choir children learn basic note reading, performing skills and are given the opportunity to extend their vocal training, as well as experiencing more demanding music. The choir will have many different opportunities to perform throughout the academic year, taking part in a wide range of opportunities, such as Choir Showcase and Song Festival in the summer term.

Rock band
Although our school rock band is relatively new, it is already proven to be really popular with the children. This is primarily for children in year 5 and 6 who show great aptitude for singing, keyboard, guitars and drums. Children who show talent in these areas of music are invited to audition and then join the group, where they learn to play as a band, and to write their own songs. Previously they have performed at the school’s 50th Birthday celebrations and at the PSA ‘Party in the Playground’.

Coming Soon:
School Orchestra
Ukulele Club

Music Department

Mr P De Souza   – Music Coordinator
Ms F Millard  – Violin Tutor (HMS)
Mr. M Perry  – Drums Tutor (HMS)
Ms. M Genis   – Keyboard Tutor (HMS)
Mr. F Mariani   – Guitar Tutor  (HMS)
Ms. K Broadmore  – Woodwind Tutor  (HMS)