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  • Special Visitors at Elmgrove

    Published 24/05/24

    This morning we had some very special assembly guest speakers they were:

    Deputy Mayor Councillor Anjana Patel

    Councillor David Ashton

    Councillor Hitesh Karia

    British Olympians: Louise Evans and Victoria Ohuruogu

    The deputy mayor of Harrow spoke to the children about the importance of walking to school and the campaign that is currently happening right now across all Harrow schools. Children also met 'Hoppy' the hare who is the mascot for the walking to school campaign.

    Maria in Year 6, who won the 'Design the Banner' competition, was congratulated for her creative thoughts behind her design. You can see this banner displayed outside the school. The Deputy Major also opened the school climbing frame officially.

    Both the olympians talked to the children about the importance of being both resilient and persistant and believing in their dreams and working hard to achieve them. Everything and anything is possible with dedication!

    For the rest of the day classes in all the different year groups enjoyed PE with the olympic athletes.
























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  • Memorial Tree

    Published 17/05/24

    We have planted a tree in the memory of Ansh who would be in Year 3 but sadly passed away last year due to a terrible illness. This tree is to celebrate and remember him. This tree will grow and bloom with blue blossom, reminding us all that he will always be part of our Elmgrove Family.

    Ansh tree 1.jpg

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  • Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Workshop

    Published 03/05/24

    3 Hokusai and 3 Rousseau students stepped back in time this week to delve into the rich history and vibrant culture of Ancient Egyptians. Through hands-on activities, they not only learned about Ancient Egypt but also brought its wonders to life. One of the highlights of our workshop was creating Shabti dolls. These small figurines held significant importance in Ancient Egyptian beliefs, serving as companions to the deceased in the afterlife. Guided by their imagination and historical knowledge, the children carefully moulded and decorated their own Shabti dolls, each one unique and imbued with personal touches. Inspired by ancient hieroglyphics and symbols, the children adorned papyrus scrolls and also delicately carved intricate designs into bars of soap, mimicking the craftsmanship seen in ancient artefacts.

    Beyond the creative activities, our workshop fostered collaborative learning and critical thinking. Through group discussions, interactive games, and storytelling sessions, the children absorbed historical facts and engaged in lively debates about life in Ancient Egypt. By immersing themselves in the culture, they developed empathy and appreciation for a civilization that continues to captivate minds centuries later. Year 3s we are so proud of you!













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  • Year 1 London Zoo Visit

    Published 26/04/24

    Children were excited to see the giraffes, lions, tigers, gorillas (including 2 baby gorillas) and zebras. Although it rained a little, our day was not dampened by the weather. Children also got to explore the new reptiles and amphibians house which opened at Easter. Children enjoyed watching the penguins hobble about as they learnt about Emporer penguins in the Spring term. We had to do a thorough bag check before leaving in case any children (and teachers) decided to adopt any new pets to bring home as the animals were all so cute!

    The children were so well behaved and did Elmgrove proud! Thank you also to any parent helpers as we couldn't have organised such a trip without your help.










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  • Year 3 Science Museum

    Published 24/04/24

    Year 3 visited the Science Museum this week and also participated in the ‘Wonderlab’ workshop. It was a day filled with wonder, excitement, and invaluable learning opportunities! Our budding scientists explored the properties of light and sound and experimented with gravity and forces. The workshop offered a wealth of immersive experiences that truly ignited their passion for science. Our visit to the Science Museum and the Wonderlab workshop was nothing short of extraordinary. It not only enriched our curriculum but we also hope to have inspired a lifelong love for science in our pupils. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them for their enthusiasm, curiousity, and eagerness to learn. Thanks to all the parent helpers for their continued support in making such enriching experiences possible for our students.









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  • Science Week Competition Winners

    Published 28/03/24

    These are the winning entries for the for the Science Week competition of designing a poster to demonstrate Time. Each child received a certificate and Easter egg in Thursday's assembly. Well done to all of you!

    Alyona S 3R.jpgMalaya W 1K_a.jpg

    Malaya W 1K_b.jpgKarina B 3R.jpg

    Peter Y 2G.jpgRihana P 6L.jpg

    Shaurya M 1B.jpgSoraya P 4H_a.jpgSoraya P 4H_b.jpg

    IMG_2245 (Large).jpeg

    IMG_2255 (Large).jpeg

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  • Aylward 24 Game Competition

    Published 22/03/24

    On Friday 22nd March 2024, six children from both Year 5 and Year 6 (Rihana 6L, Danish 6B, Abdul 6B, Maria 6B, Abdul 5ST, Masih 5G) took part in the Aylward 24 Game Competition. We started training in January and attended a club after school every Friday where we would play against each other. At home, we also trained using the 24 games cards that we were allowed to take with us. We trained at home for at least 20 minutes every day. On Friday 15th March 2024, Mr Gorsia orangised a 24 game showcase event after school. Adults from across the school came to 6 Burman to observe and test our speed and skills. We enjoyed the showcase as it was a chance for us to show the adults in the school how much work and dedication we had put into training for the 24 Game. Thank you to all of the adults who were able to come to the showcase.

    In the competition, there were 5 rounds in total, that lasted 7 minutes each. Each table had a Bentley Wood student from Year 9 who acted as a referee for the competition. As a school, Elmgrove won 1st place with ease, which meant we had won the trophy 3 years in a row. In the 5th round, the top four players would go to a table and compete to see who was the best individual player at the 24 Game. All the students on the top table came from Elmgrove, which meant 1st, 2nd and 3rd place was won only by students from our school. It felt amazing to see that after months of training that we had achieved 1st place as a team representing Elmgrove. Thank you to all of the adults that sacrificed their time to take us on this trip and trained us to win. We had an excellent time competing and enjoyed our victory.

    Written by Maria 6B and Rihana 6L



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  • Year 3 Growing Workshop

    Published 08/03/24

    This week, Year 3 had ‘Growing Workshops’ led by London Community Kitchen to support their Science Curriculum. They learnt about sustainability, created their own herb garden and investigated what plants need to grow. They were also treated to a book about gardening and harvesting. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their workshop. They are excited to be urban farmers, look after their little plants and watch them grow.




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  • Community Police Officers Visit Nursery

    Published 23/02/24

    This week we welcomed our community police officers into school to talk to the children in our nursery about their jobs and work in the community. The children learnt about how to use the emergency number and showed the children their equipment. The children all got to have a photo taken with the police officer’s hats! The children followed up the learning with work in the nursery with role play and activities to support their topic on policing.

    police 2.jpg


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  • Year 2 Production

    Published 07/02/24


    Congratulations to all of Year 2 on their phenomenal school production! The children have shown dedication and creativity in order to raise awareness about global warming.

    We hope that through this production they have not only showcased their talent but inspired you to take action for their future! Consider your water consumption, turn off those lights, recycle and walk on every journey possible! Keep shining Year 2 and make a positive difference in the world!




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  • Exotic Explorers visit Reception

    Published 02/02/24

    The company ‘Exotic Explorers’ brought some very interesting creatures to school and the children were particularly intrigued by the nocturnal animals. Reception learnt that they hide, move and feast during night. They had the opportunity to touch, stroke and even hold a salamander, a snake and a hedgehog! The skunks moved freely around the classroom sniffing for food (and thankfully did not spray anywhere!) and the Owls spread out their wings to fly across the room. It was a magical experience with some of the parents commenting on Tapestry: ‘We are a few days later and she still talks a lot about it….wonderful memories!’, 'She was so excited by the snake!', 'What an amazing experience for the kids', 'So excited! They were so brave!'.





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  • Year 6 - TFL Workshop

    Published 14/01/24

    Year 6 enjoyed a workshop given by Transport for London on Monday afternoon. They learnt about safe and responsible travel on the public transport network through role-play and interactive videos. It was an invaluable opportunity and the Year 6 pupils learnt important citizenship messages and life skills.

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