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  • Year 1 Superheroes for a Day

    Published 20/06/23

    On Tuesday Year 1 children looked at ‘Superheroes & Pirates’ themed books as part of their English learning. The children learnt about real life heroes as well as writing stories about superheroes and even learn how to be a pirate! This topic will inspire children’s creative writing skills with a focus on descriptive sentences.

    The day was filled with superhero themed activities including a special workshop planned and provided by our Y1 class teachers which will build on the children’s speech, language and drama skills. The children also participated in some creative superhero themed activities included designing a superhero logo and a superhero lair.






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  • Take a Stand, Lend a Hand

    Published 16/06/23

    Isn't our new mural fantastic? If you haven't already seen it, please walk round the outside of the school building - you'll soon spot it! Pictured are the children who 'lent a hand' as they helped to design the mural - well done, it looks great!

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  • Year 4 HarroWall Visit

    Published 12/06/23

    Year 4 had a fantastic time at HarroWall on Monday. It was an incredible experience for all of our children and everyone gave it their all. We have sent the children home with a 5% off voucher if you would like to visit in the summer break.

    IMG_0117 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0122 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0157 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0145 - Copy.JPG

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  • Year 4 Mosque Visit

    Published 08/06/23

    Year 4 would like to send a huge thanks to the community at Harrow Mosque who made us feel so welcome on Thursday. They provided a fascinating tour of the prayer rooms and dome and we learnt about all the different ways a Mosque is used, in addition to prayer. Our Year 4 children were a credit to the school and thank you to those parents who volunteered to support this visit.


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  • Song Festival 2023

    Published 06/06/23

    On Tuesday our school choir and rock band performed with other Harrow schools in the annual song festival. We are so proud of everyone that took part, it was a great performance and thank you to Mr DeSouza for all his hard work and nurturing the children into becoming brilliant musicians.

    Thank you to all the staff the supported this event.

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  • Count on Us

    Published 26/05/23

    On Friday 26th of May we (Rihana 5S, Danish 5G and Abdul 5G) took part in the COUNT ON US Heats (semi-finals for a primary maths challenge). For 5-6 months Mr Gorsia and the year 6 champions (Ameya 6B, Darsh 6K, Faryal 6L and Purv 6B) helped us train for the competition. In the competition there were 5 games: T-shapes, Pentominoes, Dominoes, (round one), 24-Game (round two) and Code Breaking (round 3). We all felt very excited to go to the competition and try to qualify for the finals.

    In round one, T-shapes was very easy because we memorised all 36 shapes. Then in Pentominoes, we got stuck on one of the puzzles but managed to make it. The same thing happened with Dominoes. Joyfully, we were the only school out of all 67 schools across London who got to the Super Bonuses. When we knew that we were the only school that got to the Super Bonuses, we already started to have the feeling that we would win.

    The second round started with the 24 Game. It was very easy because in most of the rounds of the 24-Game none of the other children from the other schools got any points. Additionally, we were also very quick at finding the solutions helping us win. For the 24- Game, the max amount of points you can get as a school is 200 points and lucky our school got 234 points which had to be reduced to 200.

    During round 3 (the last one), we had to do Code Breaking which took lots of time due to the constant double checking. We had to shift the letters in the message to decipher what they meant and find clues. Those clues helped us work out the missing words which were all names of items. For part 2 in Code Breaking we had to work out the amount of money we had to spend in total for those items and how much change we got out of £50. Soon we completed the bonus task and finished the round.

    Not long after, the winners were announced (the school which directly qualified to the finals) and we felt so cheerful because our school's name was announced and we won! Now, because we will go to the finals at City Hall in July, we have to practise more as it will be even more competitive and tricky.

    Written by Rihana 5S

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  • Year 6 Theatre Visit to watch 'Wicked'

    Published 24/05/23

    We arrived at the theatre ecstatic to watch the wonderful musical, Wicked. We took our seats and the show began. Starting the show, an array of dancers leapt across the massive stage whilst beautifully singing a song - what a start! The show was thrilling from start to finish. It included spectacular songs and incredible dances. Dramatically, the show concluded with a colossal applause from the audience and it was time to head home.

    -Max & Faryal from 6L.





    Wicked Picture.jpg

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  • Year 1 Visit to Church

    Published 19/05/23

    A huge thank you for Father Richard Norman at St Mary's Church Kenton for welcoming the children to the church. The children learnt about the importance of church throughout the Christian calendar and its importance to the local community. The children even got the chance to rind the church bells and try on some of Father Richard's formal robes used worn for important events. Thank you also to the parents who helped us out on the day.



    IMG_0074 (1).JPG

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  • Year 4 Science Workshop

    Published 08/05/23

    Year 4 were thrilled to meet Toxic Tim and Dangerous Dan in last Friday's science workshop who facilitated ‘Gross Guts’. Children replicated the digestive process from mouth to…end(!) using cornflakes, a grinder for the action for the teeth, a variety of stomach acids and a tube for the intestine. Finally, we had created a healthy faeces which we could deposit in a bucket!

    In addition, there was an incredible assembly about electricity where the children could participate in practical activities to learn more about how electricity is conducted and how electricity always finds earth.

    science 1.PNG

    science 3.PNG

    science 4.PNG

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  • Epping Forest Visit Reception

    Published 05/05/23

    This week Reception O'Keeffe and Reception Hockney class went on a visit to explore Epping Forest. They had so much fun exploring and taking part in activities to enhance what they have already been learning on 'Growth' and 'Mini beasts' in the classroom.





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  • Aylward 24 Game Competition - We got 1st!

    Published 31/03/23
    Last Friday, 6 children from Y5 & Y6 took part in the Aylward 24 Game competition. In total 6 schools across Harrow took part in the competition. The children were outstanding and should be really proud of what they have achieved. Over the last 3
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  • Science Week

    Published 24/03/23
    We are thrilled to report on the success of our recent Science Week. Our aim was to inspire and encourage our students to engage with science in new and exciting ways. During the week, we were privileged to host a workshop by the incredible Scienc
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