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Count on Us Maths Challenge

On Tuesday, three children from Y5 took part in the Count on us primary challenge grand final. Over 64 schools across London competed in the competition. The standard was very high this year and the challenges were extremely difficult. Team Elmgrove were crowned the champions for the second consecutive year. Congratulations to Danish 5G, Rihana 5S and Abdul 5G for winning the competition. This is an outstanding achievement and we are so proud. They have shown excellent dedication, commitment and resilience over the last 6 months. A huge thank you to the children for all their hard work.

Count on us primary challenge 2023 - Written by Danish 5G

The Count on us primary challenge took place at City Hall on the 4th of July. We arrived at the Northwick Park station at 7:45 am. We had travelled around 2 hours to City Hall. The tournament started at 10:00 am, the first round was shapes. First, we had to solve one T- shape question, one pentomino question and a domino question - we solved it in about 3 minutes! Next we had 5 more T-shape questions and 4 pentomino questions which took us around 5 minutes to solve. We counted our points and already had 120 points out of 200 which was not bad. The next game was the 24 Game. This was our best game, in total we scored 294 points! The third and final round was Codebreaking. There were 4 Codebreaking sheets that we had to solve for clues to which jobs we needed to do to get £16.25. We then completed bonus challenges which included solving tangrams puzzles. The awards ceremony seemed like it took forever. Then finally they announced first place. We didn't know if we had won or not and then they said it, Elmgrove Primary school! We all jumped up in joy as we went to the front to claim our trophy.