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Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Workshop

3 Hokusai and 3 Rousseau students stepped back in time this week to delve into the rich history and vibrant culture of Ancient Egyptians. Through hands-on activities, they not only learned about Ancient Egypt but also brought its wonders to life. One of the highlights of our workshop was creating Shabti dolls. These small figurines held significant importance in Ancient Egyptian beliefs, serving as companions to the deceased in the afterlife. Guided by their imagination and historical knowledge, the children carefully moulded and decorated their own Shabti dolls, each one unique and imbued with personal touches. Inspired by ancient hieroglyphics and symbols, the children adorned papyrus scrolls and also delicately carved intricate designs into bars of soap, mimicking the craftsmanship seen in ancient artefacts.

Beyond the creative activities, our workshop fostered collaborative learning and critical thinking. Through group discussions, interactive games, and storytelling sessions, the children absorbed historical facts and engaged in lively debates about life in Ancient Egypt. By immersing themselves in the culture, they developed empathy and appreciation for a civilization that continues to captivate minds centuries later. Year 3s we are so proud of you!