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Wondermaths Challenge 2024

On Wednesday 26th June, we took part in the Wondermaths challenge 2024. Me and a group of 4 other pupils took part. We trained hard everyday at home and attended 2 sessions after school with our talented teacher. I prepared for this competition by practicing everyday after school for 1 hour, learning all the maths games that were included in the maths competition. The games were: T-shapes, pentominoes, dominoes, dice game, code breaking, surprise problems and the 24 game. This was all achieved with the help of my hard working teacher, Mr Gorsia. Before the competition we had to go through something called the Heats Round to qualify to the final which we won. In the finals, the top 12 schools competed across London. All were eager to win the competition. I felt nervous and excited both at the same time. As it came to an end, they announced the winners...

We were shocked to hear our school name, winning the competition for the 3rd year in a row! I thought it was an amazing experience and was happy to be there. I learnt new games in maths and how it feels to be in a maths competition for the first time. In conclusion, it was a really fun day and this wouldn't have happened without Mr Gorsia.

Written by Antonia 4W

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