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Online Platforms


Dear all,

We know that home learning can be challenging. Please read with your children for at least 15 mins -30 mins a day.

Ask questions about the text and discuss what may happen next to encourage your child’s imagination to bloom.

Online Platforms  

Your child’s

Password issued to your child.

See help guide on the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Your school lgfl password

Password is pupil LGFL school password.


EYFS staff will use Tapestry -the online learning journal to record child’s experiences, development and learning journey. Teachers will upload photos, videos and work and parents will be able to respond to show how children are growing and developing. All information held in the platform is stored securely, and can be downloaded and shared as required. Parents are able to view online their child’s progress and how much fun they’re having, whilst also uploading their own comments and media.

Live sessions will be via online Learning Platform – Microsoft 365

All passwords have been distributed to parents.

Years 1 to Year 6

Teachers will use the Online Learning Platform — Microsoft 365 to plan and deliver learning in class and will set home learning activities for children to complete at home. This way, you as parents will be able to access what learning your children have been learning during the day


Dear all,

For any specific questions about your child’s learning please see email address below.

Please provide a full name and the class in your email subject header.