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School Meals


All our healthy school meals are cooked in-house by our dedicated catering team and cost £11.00 a week. Payment must be made on ParentPay in advance, for the whole of the following week (minimum order) by Thursday 1:00pm if you are planning to pay on a weekly basis.

Please find attached below detailed guidance from Parentpay on how this works. 

Please note:
• Deadline for meal bookings/Payments is 8am for each day.
• Meal Bookings must be confirmed and paid for within 2 hours of selecting them. Failure to do so will result in the bookings being automatically cancelled.
• Parents of children eligible for Free School Meals must also login to their ParentPay accounts and choose / book their meals. Please note that they will not be charged for their meals.

Schools receive additional funding for children who are entitled to free school meals and we use this money to the benefit of your child, i.e. to subsidise school trips, music tuition and receive free items of school uniform. We encourage you to claim your entitlement even if your child is currently in Reception to Year 2 as you could receive many additional benefits.

If you would like to check if your child is eligible for Free School Meals you can use the new London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Eligibility Checker.

For any ParentPay / Meal queries please contact Mrs Bejinaru / Mrs Thakrar at the school office.

Healthy Eating

As part of our Healthy Schools Award Status:

  • The children are encouraged to bring healthy packed lunches to school (please see the guide to a healthy packed lunch attached).
  • We do not allow fizzy or sugary drinks and take away food.
  • Crisps should only be brought into school on Fridays
  • Staff will reward children with non-based food treats such as stickers, class books or toys.
  • Please do not send in sweets and chocolate as birthday celebrations (instead every class has a girl and boy birthday badge for children to wear to mark their birthdays). If parents want to celebrate their child’s birthday we ask that fruit or non-food based items such as stickers or a class book be considered instead of sweets and chocolate.

Please click on the links below to view/download more information.

Packed lunches

Packed lunches are to be brought in a named container and should not contain sweets, chocolate, cans, glass bottles, and you should provide only water or milk to drink. Crisps are only allowed in school on Fridays. We would like packed lunches to be as healthy as possible. Please bear in mind that younger children tend to eat very slowly when they are chatting with their friends – so not too much food please!