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At Elmgrove, we believe that science teaching and learning in our school is reflected in our principles for Science:

  • Science lessons are practical for all learners
  • Science lessons are well resourced and allow learners to observe and explore
  • Science is not taught in isolation but makes meaningful links with the rest of the curriculum
  • Science learning is fun and enjoyable for all learners
  • Scientific curiosity is valued and respected by all


The medium term planning for science meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. We break down the objectives into topics and these are planned by teachers into weekly lessons. Science is taught as a discrete subject and meaningful links are made with other subjects. Progression is planned so that children are able to make progress with their scientific thinking and skills as they progress through the school.


Science is assessed as a core subject in our school with all classes reporting in standards in Science each term. National data is published for end of each key stage at the end of the academic year in Year 2 and 6. EYFS also reports on scientific attainment at the end of Reception using the understanding of the world statements from the Early Years Framework.

Visits and Workshops

All of our children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of trips and visits linked to Science throughout their time at Elmgrove. Visits include visiting Kew Gardens, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. We have had workshops from the Chelsea Physic Garden, Ranger Stu and have had STEM ambassadors visiting classes to share their experiences of working within scientific careers. Elmgrove has also linked with Harrow High so that children in Year 5 and 6 can visit the science laboratories and experience secondary school science.

Science Week

At Elmgrove, we are proud of the work we complete in science. Every year we join the nation to celebrate the achievements scientists have made across the globe. This year, the theme of Science Week is ‘Growth’. 

We have taken this opportunity to learn about how we, as a human race, can work to improve our use of the planet's natural resources to make our civilisation more sustainable, ensuring that the future generations can enjoy the amazing world we live in today.

Science Week at Elmgrove took part from 14th to 18th March 2022. We engaged in lessons hosted by the National Farmer’s Union, Year 6 have created incredible posters which will be entered into a national competition and we created displays from Year 1 - 6 to show what we have been learning throughout the year.

Please follow the links below to see an overview of the work our year groups have completed. 

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6