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About Us


Senior Leadership Team

Miss Neary

Deputy Headteacher:
Mrs Gardner

Assistant Headteachers:
Mrs Sylvester (EYFS)

Mr Hewett (Yr1/Yr2)

Miss Wheeler (Yr3/Yr4)

Mrs Martin (Yr5/Yr6) (Maternity cover)

Mrs C Vessey (Maternity Leave)

School Business Manager:
Miss Cronk

Leadership Team

Year Leaders

Reception: Miss Morris 

Year 1: Mr Ross

Year 2: Mrs Long

Year 3: Mrs Woods (maternity cover)

Year 4: Ms Stefaniak 

Year 5: Ms K Vessey 

Year 6: Mrs Ball 

Faculty Leaders

Faculty Leader for Maths:
Miss Wheeler (KS2)/Miss Ghanwani (EYFS/KS1)

Faculty Leaders for English:
Mrs Martin/Mr Ross 

Faculty Leaders for History, Geography and French:
Mme Sedghi-Shabestari, Miss Mohamed 

Faculty Leader for Computing:

Faculty Leader for Science:
Mrs Royal

Faculty Leader for P.H.S.E. / R.E:
Miss Vessey

Faculty Leader for Art/DT:
Miss Poonja 

Faculty Leader for PE:
Mr Muniz 

Faculty Leader for Curriculum:
Mr Hewett 

Assistant Inclusion Lead: 


Nursery AM: Tingatinga
Nursery PM: Hepworth

Class Teacher: Ms Bialy

Learning Assistants:
Mrs Falloon, Ms Assani, Ms Hasib 


Class Name : O’Keeffe
Class Teacher: 
Miss Morris 

Class Name: Monet
Class Teacher:
Miss Feldman 

Class Name: Hockney
Class Teacher:
Ms Chohan

Class Name: Kusama
Class Teacher: 
Mrs Young/Mrs Frost

Learning Assistants:
Mrs May, Mrs Jones, Mrs Stevenson, Ms Mckeever, Ms Matthew St-Aimie and Mrs Haq

Year 1

Class Name: Hunter
Class Teacher:
Mr Ross

Class Name: Blake
Class Teacher: 
Miss Poonja

Class Name: Van Gogh
Class Teacher: Miss Horsley

Class Name: Kunmanara
Class Teacher: Mrs Roberts 

Learning Assistants:
Mrs Raghwani, Mrs Harris, Mrs Utting, Mrs Maru, Mrs Patel and Mrs Madsen 

Year 2

Class Name: Goldsworthy
Class Teacher:
Mrs Long 

Class Name: Lowry
Class Teacher: 
Miss Mohamed

Class Name: Kandinsky
Class Teacher: Miss Yaotey

Class Name: Carle
Class Teacher: Mr Copus

Learning Assistants:
Mrs Lathia, Mrs Kurjekar, Mrs Shah, Mrs Roache and Miss Jani 

Year 3

Class Name: Hokusai
Class Teacher: Mrs Woods 

Class Name: Mondrian
Class Teacher: Miss Ghanwani

Class Name: Shoa
Class Teacher: Miss Chauguley

Class Name: Rousseau
Class Teacher: Miss Price 

Learning Assistants:
Mrs Mucolli 

Year 4

Class Name: Martin
Class Teacher: Miss Stefaniak

Class Name: Hadid
Class Teacher: 
Miss Cofie 

Class Name: Steinberg
Class Teacher: Mrs Patel 

Class Name: Wiltshire
Class Teacher: Ms Bourne

Learning Assistants:
Mrs Haq, Mr Still and Mrs Mucolli

Year 5

Class Name: Matisse
Class Teacher: Miss Vessey

Class Name: Singh Twins
Class Teacher: 
Mr Muniz

Class Name: Gaudi
Class Teacher:
Miss Beaney

Learning Assistants:
Mrs Ali, Mrs Raval, Mrs Khan, Miss Johnson and Mrs Manchanda

Year 6

Class Name: Litchtenstein
Class Teacher: Mrs Ball

Class Name: Burman
Class Teacher: 
Mr Gorsia

Class Name: Ofilli 
Class Teacher: 
Mr Mahmood

Class Name: Kwan
Class Teacher: Mrs Patel

Year 6 Support Teacher:
Mrs Hutchinson

Learning Assistants:
Miss Samuel-Onuku, Mrs Suchak and Mrs Manchanda

Supporting Staff

Learning Mentor: Miss Gayle

Speech and Language SEN Assistant: Mrs Williamson 

LibrarianMrs Janssens

EAL: Mrs Nawab

PE: BeActive Sports and Clubs 

French Teacher: Mme Sedghi-Shabestari

Music Teacher: Mr De Souza 

Administrative Team

Admissions and Attendance Administrator and Office Manager:
Mrs Campbell

Admin Assistant:
Mrs Atmani

Receptionist and Admin Assistants: 
Mrs Pawar 
Mrs Balanescu 

Welfare and Admin Assistant:
Mrs Carroll  

Welfare and Reprographics Administrator:
Mrs Ruda

IT Apprentice:
Mr Campbell

Assistant School Business Manager:
Mrs Khan 

PA for SLT:
Mrs Wilson 


Site Manager: Mr Walsh

Caretaker: Mr Addai

Housekeeper: Ms Patel

Catering Team

Catering Manager: Mr Frangi

Assistant Chef: Mr Dowling 

Catering Assistants: Mrs Kanagasabai, Miss Morgan, Mrs Rivers, Ms Tong, Mrs Vaduva

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Kirpalani, Mrs Assani, Mrs Chudasama, Mrs Maru, Mrs Lathia, Mrs Shah, Mrs Saina

Mrs Raghwani, Mrs Utting, Mrs Surani, Miss Jafar, Miss Prilogan, Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Riaz, Mrs Fang